Extravagant Designs For Your Door Entrance

Your entrance door is the gateway to the interior of your home. Why not give it a unique appearance with hundreds of customisable designs from Brassage. We materialise your desire to establish a dream entrance to your comfort paradise and offer you classic, presentable and spectacular door entrance sets by assembling the finest of craftsmanship and technology. Our artisans work seamlessly to pin down your thoughts and ideas to offer you a reflection of your style.

Our meretriciously designed door hardware simply offers you the ‘WOW’ factor you are looking for in your dream home. Besides looking effortlessly fashionable, our door entrance sets also provide adequate security and high-tech locking facilities. We bring forth a sustainable fusion of high-quality brass door locks that boasts quality and trends. Our exceptional manufacturing gives all our door entrance sets the optimum performance and durability. These ‘Fit-And-Forget’ door fittings will stay in their original conditions for years.


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