Experience The Smoothest Finish With Our Door Accessories

According to Brassage, adding the “finishing touch” is just as vital, as the initial beginning. As a result, we create unique door hardware to suit your taste. We have a wide variety of doorknobs and door accessories to suit any style and decor. From classic styles to quirky trends to flamboyant modern designs, Brassage has it all.

Brassage’s unique style and approach to door accessories convey the contemporary design culture, which combines function and utility. We approach issues with ingenuity. We are a firm believer in the idea that “design follows function”. Our offerings include:

  • Modern living space accessories.
  • Kitchen and wardrobe storage solutions.
  • Door and window hardware.
  • Architectural hardware for the home.
The Core Brand Value Of Brassage

Brassage is and will always remain “the brand that offers more than you expect” because its design is built on three primary foundations: quality, innovation, and reliability.

We offer a wide range of special door accessories, a wonderful selection of furniture hardware, and high-end style add-ons for your home. You will find a mix of ideas, innovations, and functionality in every door accessory that you buy from us. Clean aesthetics, high quality, and long-lasting performance guide – This is how we describe our products.

Our Designs Stands As Your Image

Our products express who you are as a person and what you stand for in your daily interactions with the world. Our door accessories reflect your persona and your choice standard. Customers’ total satisfaction is our only goal. Every project is unique to us, and it will receive our full attention. Even if you need a sample to see if it works with the rest of the design, we’ll go the extra mile for you every day.